English for Carers

Minimum entry level: Beginner

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Course description

English for Carers course is specifically designed around live-in carers job requirements, and will address the question of the effective and competent communication with clients. If you are a carer working in an English-speaking country, you are exposed to local idioms, colloquialisms and often confusing medical jargon that could make your working day difficult. Improved English language skills can undoubtably advance your career and allow you to become more confident.


Course outcomes

By the end of the course you will be able to:

– Address and communicate with your clients
– Understand the needs of patients
– Deal with Personal Care effectively
– Understand the importance of good food and nutrition
– Understand and apply the principles of manual handling
– Understand and apply the rules of Health and Safety
– Communicate effectively in activities of daily living


Sample syllabus

Communication activities as well as vocabulary on Monitoring Health, Caring for the Elderly, Medical Ethics, Nutrition, Mental Health, Medication and Alternative Treatments, Managing Information about Patient’s Medication, Accidents, Pain Management, Diagnosis Management, Body Parts, Monitoring Vital Signs

Speaking Skills: Daily Routines, Food and Cooking, Around the House, Relationships, Shopping, Family and Friends, Cinema, Future Plans, Holidays, Pronunciation Activities