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This Test will give you a quick way of assessing your approximate level of English. It consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, and you will have 60 minutes to answer them. 

The Alpha English Placement Test is based on the Nelson Quickcheck Test, and assesses your knowledge of grammatical structures, functional language, vocabulary and collocations. At the end of your Test you will see your score, and will also be able to follow a link to a page which will estimate your English level compared to several international English level assessment schemes (IELTS, TOEFL, CEF, ALTE and Cambridge English Assessment). Bear in mind that for a more accurate assessment of your English language skills, your Listening, Speaking and Writing skills would also have to be assessed. Read here for a more detailed Test description. 


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1. "Ask about our Chef's specials". Where can you see this notice?

2. The blue car is more _________ than the red one.

3. Sarah and John  _______ doctors.

4. The bank is _____________________ to the supermarket.

5. What _______________ on Thursday?

6. "Can I get anything for you at the market?" "Yes, _________________ apples".

7. A  _________________ works in a garage.

8. I’ve got three brothers. ________,  but one is still a student.

9. "Do not dive". Where can you see this notice?

10. I arrived at work three hours _____________.

11. "What does Miranda do?" "She’s ______________".

12. “We want to buy a new house, _____________ so we have to wait.”

13. I go home ____ 3 o’clock.

14. He plays football __________________ than me.

15. For sale: White Honda Accord. Only two years old. Good condition. 4 speed automatic. $7000. _______________ tel. 0457347564

16. “Is my bicycle in the  garage?” “No, there ____________________ in the garage".

17. _________  much is this cake?

18. John woke up late and _________________ , so he took a taxi to work.

19. We usually ______________ shopping by car, but today we are going by taxi.

20. "________  does he go to work?" "By bus".

21. "How’s Ali’s sister?"

22. "____________________ does class finish?" "It finishes at 9pm".

23. "Public Car Park: £2.00 an hour, £5.00 a day". Which is the correct meaning of this notice?

24. He’s not right handed. He’s _______ handed.

25. He ____________ doesn’t believe it even though we’ve shown him the evidence.

26. Dear Henry,

Thank you for the invitation to your party tonight. _______________. See you shortly, Sarah.

27. There’s a man  ________ long legs.

28. PTO  stands ______ "Please Turn Over"... the page of course.

29. The summer sale is on! Bring the family! Everything for your home and garden, bargain prices! All items _____________ Saturday and Sunday only.

30. Which one of these sentences is correct?

31. Doctors say that people who make exercise a part of their daily lives are happier and more relaxed than those who ___________.

32. If you are not entirely satisfied with the product, please return it to the store where it was bought  _____________.

33. Last Thursday, __________ hundreds of people on the beach.

34. Is his _________________ than mine?

35. Don’t you remember that we ________ to the cinema tonight?

36. "Whose is this house?" "It’s _____________".

37. We went out to dinner  before ______________ to the football match.

38. Julie _______________ the plates and some of them broke.

39. How to order: Our Customer Service staff are ready to take your order Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm. Please have the product name, credit card number and shipping address ready. _______________________.

40. "Have you ever been to Rome?"

41. "Danger! Keep out!" Which is the correct meaning of this poster?

42. Maria was so __________________ she forgot her books.

43. My youngest daughter __________ late for school.

44. Tomorrow will  be dry but cloudy in the morning. In the afternoon, it will be quite cold, but __________________ because there will be less wind.

45. "CANNED GOODS". Where can you see this notice?

46. I’m __________________  I didn’t pass the test, I’ll do better next time.

47. Anna is behind Julia.  Julia is ____________ Anna.

48. Skytrain - the longest, fully automatic, driverless rapid transport system in north America,  _____________________ on 3rd January 1986. 

49. I was so tired that I would have slept ________________.

50. He broke the world ___________ for the long jump.

51. Every old house has ___________ strange stories.

52. The baby is crying! Will you _____________________ while I prepare his milk?

53. Thank you very much to everybody who kindly helped to collect money for the Red Cross _______________.

54. That’s the dog ________________.

55. Would you like some more coffee? There’s still ___________ left.

56. Natalie works in a factory and _____________.

57. Before  __________________ hope, let's try another option.

58. I met him ______ the stairs as I was coming up.

59. How to make an international call from Wales: 1. First, dial 010    2. Then dial the code for your country ________________   3. Dial the code for the city/town you want.   4. Dial the number of the person you want to speak to.

60. He _______________ someone I knew in the army.

61. "You realise you were driving at more than 180, don’t you?" "But I  ___________! This car can’t do more than 140".

62. Which one of these sentences is correct?

63. He waited for the song on the radio to _____________.

64. He is normally ___________ in any emergency.

65. "Delays are possible". Which is the correct meaning of this notice?

66. Jack enjoyed his job_____________ the low salary and long working hours.

67. "Please wait to be seated". Where can you see this notice?

68. There are lots of mistakes in this exercise. I’ll have to ____________ it again with  you.

69. Julie would have spoken if the teacher had not ____________ his hand for silence.

70. His opinion is always the same _______________ his father’s.

71. ____________________ I need is a drink of cold water.

72. He broke a ____________ while he was washing the dishes.

73. His brother will arrive at eight o’clock ________________.

74. He looked up at the house as if he _______________ how to get in.

75. "Guest House: No Vacancies". Which is the correct meaning of this notice?

76. The  shepherd  trained the dog to look after his ______________ of sheep.

77. If only I ________________ about it before we set out.

78. The meeting _____________ at midday.

79. What time ________________ dinner?

80. He ___________ his engagement just before the wedding.

81. "Do you dance or sing?" "Yes, sometimes _________________".

82. I’m going to the barber’s ______________.

83. I was surprised my friend was out. “He __________________ shopping,” I thought.

84. He ________________ live in a country village than in a big town.

85. Your parents are _________________ to call the police if they don’t know where you are.

86. This door __________________ when you open it. You must put some oil on the hinges.

87. "I wonder why they are late for lunch". "They __________________ the train".

88. He was ________ tired to go on.

89. He asked me how long _____________________ stay.

90. Drive carefully, because there are lots of _______ in the road.

91. __________________ in the room.

92. I’m taking maths and science for my degree _____________, and I enjoy them too.

93. The soldier aimed his gun ____ the target.

94. _____________ to get rich.

95. "I missed the bus home last night". "So ______________".

96. ____ a pity I didn’t see you.

97. If you ______________________ such a long time to get ready, we’d have arrived by now.

98. I enjoyed the meal very much. Would you mind giving me the _____________ for it?

99. He was ______________________ of deciding anything for himself.

100. I didn’t realise you wanted to keep the letter. I’ve _______________ it up.

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