Cambridge English YLE Flyers exam preparation

Minimum entry level: Elementary

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Course description

Cambridge English Young Learners Flyers is the highest of three Cambridge English YLE tests for children between the ages of 7 and 12. This test shows that your child can understand simple English in everyday situations and can communicate in basic English.


Course outcomes

By the end of this course your child will:

– Become better prepared for the Cambridge examinations
– Practise skills in Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening
– Build up confidence in speaking English
– Learn how to express themselves more clearly


Sample syllabus

Listening and Speaking:
– Say that they do not understand something or cannot do something, and ask for help
– Talk about a problem in simple terms
– Arrange with friends to do something or play together
– Make and respond to invitations, suggestions, apologies and requests
– Understand audio and video clips used in the English lesson
– Talk briefly about things they have done, for example about their favourite holiday

Reading and Writing:
– Understand longer texts about everyday topics, even if they do not know all the words
– Use a dictionary to help them understand a word they do not know
– Write a short message on a postcard or in an email
– Write about how they feel and give reasons why, in simple sentences
– Write short dialogues, for example in speech bubbles, picture stories, comics
– Make up a story in English using ideas, pictures or words that the teacher gives them