English for Football

Minimum entry level: Elementary

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Course description

English for Football is an ideal course for learners who want to communicate better in English in the world of football.
The course focuses on vocabulary and expressions used in this global sport. Training, tactics and skills are covered along with topics such as nutrition, fitness and treatment.


Course outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

– Progress in your general English
– Have communication skills you need in the world of football
– Feel confident in discussing teams and players
– Feel confident when discussing tactics and skills


Sample syllabus

– It’s my club: Positions, Pitch, Jobs. Language: Greetings and introductions, Personal Information, Present Simple
– Defender: Set-pieces, Goal positions. Language: Talking about routine, Adverbs of frequency, Likes and dislikes
– Midfielder: Formations, Midfield maestros, Number 10 Messi, Language: Present Continuous, Instructions, Making arrangements
– Striker: Shots and goals, Messi and Ronaldo and the World Cup, Great strikers. Language: Past Simple statements, Past Simples questions, Apologising and giving reasons
– Goalkeeper: Goalkeeping skills, Computer games, Great goalkeepers. Language: Present Perfect Simple, Using for and since, helping others
– Scout: Describing players, Scouts, Skills in each positions. Language: Comparatives and superlatives, Must / Have to / Should, Will and first conditional, Giving advice
– Manager: A manager’s job, Manager or coach, Goalkeeping coach. Language: Imperatives, going to, Expressing quantity
– The greatest: The greatest team, Great hat-tricks, Messi. Language: Many / much / too / enough, Expressions with get, Saying goodbye