English for Marketing and Advertising

Minimum entry level: Intermediate

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Course description

In today’s global economy, multinational companies continue to expand their exposure through complicated and diverse marketing campaigns. To be successful, marketing strategies need to be tailored to a global marketplace as well as having to reflect differences in local markets. As a result, marketing campaigns require a much higher degree of international co-ordination to ensure that corporate, product and brand values are seamlessly aligned. Considering that many campaigns are planned, co-ordinated and even launched in English, it is becoming imperative for international marketers to have a strong grasp of Marketing related English. From planning campaigns to negotiating contracts, excellence in English has become an invaluable skill. Our English for Marketing course will help you become much more confident in communicating in English with your clients and colleagues.


Course outcomes

By the end of the course you will be able to:

– Understand the language of marketing
– Design a marketing plan
– Analyse strategies and objectives
– Write a promotional copy
– Analyse the role of direct marketing
– Debate marketing and brand trend
– Negotiate with clients, suppliers and stakeholders
– Facilitate meetings effectively


Sample syllabus

– Introduction to Marketing: Jobs and responsibilities, Corporate identity, Logos, Branding
– Finding the Customer: Market research, Customer Profiles, Data collection
– Planning a marketing strategy: The marketing plan, Pricing and Positioning strategies
– Creating ads: The AIDA model for advertising, Working with an ad agency, Advertising channels, Rate sheets
– Marketing tools: Distribution channels, Types of discount, Types of retailer, Telemarketing
– Presenting your public face: Public relations, Website as a marketing tool, Sponsoring, Effective press releases
– Marketing through trade fairs: Giveaways, Organising events, Attending a trade fair