English for Teenagers

Minimum entry level: Beginner

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Course description

Our tailor-made English for Teenagers course appeals to learners by the breadth of material covered and our dynamic interactive approach. Students can have conversational lessons based on the topics related to their hobbies and interests, Book Club lessons based on Sherlock Holmes’ stories, or TedTalks discussion lessons. New vocabulary is introduced in each class, and grammar carefully explained. Learners are encouraged to speak as much as possible during the lesson, while on-the-spot corrections ensure their steady progress.
Parents will always be updated on the progress their child is making with regular Progress Reports written by the child’s English teacher.


Course outcomes

By the end of the course students will be able to:

- Hold a lengthy discussion in English and express opinion on various topics
– Scan and skim long texts successfully
– Write essays in English
– Communicate in everyday situations using extended vocabulary
– Read complete and unabridged short stories in English


Sample syllabus

– Topics: Getting to know you, Sports, School Subjects, Arts and Media, Fashion and Clothes, Friends, Travel, Hobbies etc
– Reading Skills: based on Sherlock Holmes stories. Skimming and Scanning, Comprehension questions, Extensive Reading and Research
– Writing Skills: Academic and General writing based on general topics. Planning, Drafting, Correct grammar, Range of vocabulary, Accurate punctuation, Correct layout, Correct register, Accurate spelling, Good range of sentence structures, Linking
– Speaking and Listening Skills: based on TedTalks for Teenagers and British Council Teens Videos. Describe what you heard or saw, Debates and discussions, How to express opinion, How to agree/disagree etc