Polite and Diplomatic English

Minimum entry level: Elementary

Course description

Do you ever worry that you sound too direct when expressing your thoughts and ideas in English? In our Polite and Diplomatic English course you will learn different techniques to ensure that you get your message across in a polite and diplomatic way, allowing you to build solid and effective working relationships based on mutual respect.


Course outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

– Soften your use of language and make it sound more polite
– Turn your suggestions into questions/negatives to come across in a more diplomatic manner
– Use expressions to prepare the listener for receiving ‘bad news’
– Make it difficult for listeners to disagree with your point of view or be offended


Sample syllabus

– How to use modals, negatives and questions to sound more polite
– How to play for time in order to come across in a less dogmatic or offensive way
– How to avoid making general statements
– How to offer polite alternatives to arrangements
– How to sound less direct
– How to use voice emphasis to add meaning
– Learn politically correct language